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The font family Core Sans R is our corporate font. This font family has close and square letter shapes, and overall rounded finishes provides a soft and friendly appearance that couples nicely with our logo.

Simple shapes with a tall x-height make the text legible and the spaces between individual letter forms are precisely adjusted to create the perfect typesetting.


Our icon set is Caviar, drawn in a single color, typically black (or reverse) or in one of the corporate colors for accent.

They are typically 75- to 100-pixels in size at 2.0-point stroke. They can be drawn as much as 500-pixels with a ranging stroke of 0.75-points. The thin profile of the icons match the font usage, and purposely contrast the lines of our logo.


Our brand colors are a defined set of hues that denote a positive and authoritative aesthetic.




#6DCEF6 to #AA7DB7


Wysdom creates technology and solutions that fuse the vast power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing to solve very human problems. This dichotomy is reflected in the vast futuristic landscapes, anchored by natural, familiar buildings and structures in Wysdom’s newest design.

Device Imagery

We use Simple Mockup Bundle, typically with white bezels, so the focus is on the use case, not the device.

Various devices (from watch to mobile, desktop to portables) are available in a variety of angled, isometric, and topview scenes.

Featured Speaker Bios

Ian collins

Ian is the co-founder and CEO of wysdom, the leading provider of Cognitive Care solutions to large B2C enterprise. After giving up on a traditional career Ian founded and grew 7 technology companies over the past 23 years, primarily in the enterprise software space including Wyrex, Mobile Diagnostix (HP), Clickfree and most recently Wysdom.AI. Ian invests in, mentors, and sits on the boards of several innovative startups in the Toronto area including ThinkData Works, SPXTRM and groupie.

Through his vast experience in startups, technology and now AI, Ian is an accomplished speaker on topics of customer experience, AI in customer service and how technology will shape the way businesses communicate with their customers.

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Jeff Brunet

Jeff has more than 20 years experience in the startup world, founding and growing 4 software companies: AracNet, Mobile Diagnostix (HP), ClickFree and Wysdom.AI. His in-depth understanding of software development and the challenges in making new technologies successful in the startup world prove invaluable as he serves on the boards of XMG, SurfEasy (Opera), Locationary (Apple), Groupie and as an advisor to Pushlife (Google), LogMeIn (IPO) and HP. 

Jeff holds 23 issued patents in the wireless and consumer electronics spaces and is the lead inventor on 30+ pending patents. His in-depth understanding of software development and the challenges in making new technologies successful in the startup world make him an in-demand speaker at technical-focused global conferences and gatherings.

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Karthik Balakrishnan

Karthik has over a decade of hands-on, proven global expertise in emerging technologies and implementing intricate platforms and solutions for telecommunications and enterprise during his time at Amdocs, with senior positions at offices in India, Cyprus, America and Canada.

Karthik is an accomplished futurist, having led captivated audiences on the journey technology takes from development to everyday use and giving a sneak peak at at the speculated innovations that machine learning and designed intelligence make possible tomorrow and 10 years from now.

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Tony Vlismas
VP Marketing

Holding senior marketing roles at startups for over 15 years, Tony got his start at Apple managing million-dollar business units, moving on to building and implementing successful full stack marketing teams for mobile enterprise at Adenyo (exit to Motricity), ad-tech at Polar, and social analytics at SimpleReach. 

Tony often leads interactive speaking engagements on best practices in B2B and enterprise. By drilling down on how user experience and consumer expectations drive innovation on mobile and new formats, Tony predicts what businesses need to implement to ensure they’re optimized for the next-generation of tools and experiences their users expect.

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