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2017 continues to shape up to be an exciting year for AI. That’s why Wysdom.AI is once again sponsoring the AI Summit in San Francisco this September.

September 27-28, 2017

If you’re attending, let me know so we can setup some time to show you how we’re working with other operators globally for cognitive digital care, and discuss your opportunities and plans for AI in the year ahead.


About Wysdom.AI

You may know us as CrowdCare but this month we're re-launching as Wysdom.AI!

Wysdom empowers the enterprise to increase customer satisfaction while reducing customer care expenses by using AI to power digital customer care. Our solution has been analyzing and responding to millions of customer inquiries using natural language since 2014. 


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Welcome to Wysdom

Modernize your digital support with the power of AI and the knowledge of Wysdom.


Customers are expecting fast, effective answers from you to their questions through their favourite social channels, your mobile apps, and online — only achieved through AI. The beauty of Wysdom is that a single AI solution is behind all of your digital channels.  Don’t get caught with multiple solutions for multiple channels, get it right the first time with a single AI for all channels.


Wysdom at AI Summit

Wysdom will highlight its multi-channel cognitive digital care solution powered by artificial intelligence, as a sponsor of the upcoming AI Summit in San Francisco. With many years of operational experience analyzing millions of actual customer questions and a proven ability to answer more than 65% of subscriber questions without human intervention, Wysdom is the market-leading virtual agent targeting telecommunications companies.

The Wysdom solution has spent many years analyzing millions of actual questions from telecommunications subscribers, currently housing more than 120,000 industry-specific questions, making it the market’s most effective cognitive virtual agent. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand customer needs and efficiently provide the information they are seeking via their preferred digital care channels.


“Cognitive virtual agents are top of mind across numerous industries because of the very real customer service and economic benefits they can provide. But like conversational AI chatbots Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, enterprise-run virtual agents risk frustrating customers if they cannot understand the context behind a customer’s simple question or if the experience is different from one digital channel to another.”

Ian Collins  CEO of Wysdom

Ian Collins
CEO of Wysdom

“Solutions like Wysdom offer artificial intelligence as a service for specific industries as opposed to a shared natural language model that co-mingles training data and has difficulty pinpointing the intent behind customer questions. Wysdom is specific to the particular needs of our enterprise clients and our team is continuously improving it for their customer language.”


Let's meet up!

If you're interested in meeting up with us at the Summit to see a demo of Wysdom or understand how it can help your digital care business, fill out the form and we'll touch base.

- Ian, Jeff, Arif, and Tony

- Ian, Jeff, Arif, and Tony

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